The tips on how to purchase a high quality saddle at a low price

Whether for economic or practical reasons, buying saddles horse on the internet has become very common in recent years. Indeed, on the internet you can find everything (new, used, special saddles ...), at all prices, and sold by everyone. Let’s check few tips to know how to purchase best saddle quality.

Buying a saddle, the budget

The budget that can be put on it is, of course, the first and most important constraint that must be taken into account. A saddle first price costs around € 100, a saddle of big brand costs several thousand euros. Of course we find between these two extremes a whole range of saddles of more or less good quality. In addition to the financial means of each one, we will allocate to this purchase a variable budget depending on the use that will be made.

A low-budget saddle will be recommended to multidisciplinary practitioners, having a small level on horseback, not yet owners and using their equipment on several horses, or practicing a discipline exposing the saddle to the weather, such as intensive hiking. No fear of scratching the saddles, exposing them to rain, storing them in the car trunk, and other situations that can wear them out prematurely. Choose a saddle mixed, resistant. A budget of 300 to 600 € will be enough.

The type of saddle

Once the budget is established, it is necessary to choose the saddle first according to the discipline practiced. The most commonly purchased saddles are mixed saddles, allowing the practice of most equestrian disciplines. Obstacle, endurance, TREC, western, riding, dressage, pony, each discipline has a particular type of saddle favoring its practice, especially at a high level.

So, before you start buying your saddle, be careful about these aspects to ensure the best quality. It is important to choose it and of course to know where to buy it online!

Tips & tricks

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