The design features of an Antares saddle

The saddles are important accessories to bring comfort and safety to the rider and horse couples. Several brands are available on the market, including Antares. In fact, the brand is intended to provide the best saddle that can meet everyone's expectations. The brand is very famous thanks to the manufacture of sports saddle. Thanks to the brand, riders feel more competitive and comfortable. Saddles must protect the horse and the rider at the same time. The practice of equestrian sports or hippism becomes a real pleasure. But how are the Antares saddles made?

Why choose Antares saddle?

The equipment provided by Antares is designed with exceptional craftsmanship. In fact, it is not surprising since the brand is driven by the sense of competition. The search for excellence through the concerns of detail. The antares saddles ranges are among the best on the market. Moreover, the rider and horse couples become more efficient on the circuits. Their specificity also lies in the ability to continually innovate their products. For this, it uses international riders and experts in equine health. This in order to change the saddles design methods. Thus, methods, skills and technologies for design evolve taking into account the experiences of passionate.

Antares saddles features?

The saddles of the brand are designed with hollow seats which improves the balance of the rider. They are also light and comfortable to bring a lot of pleasure during equine activities. In fact, competitiveness is not just about endurance. Several elements such as saddles must be taken into account with a lot of technicality. To ensure contact between the couples throughout the race the front stop is ergonomic. The manufacture of saddles is based on a traditional tree made of laminated beech. To better reinforce the support, the tree is glued with steel blades. The panels are tailor-made for the horse so that the accessory matches its size.


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