The work of experts in their field

Horse riding needs adequate facilities as for any other exercise. Riders need to carry instruments to safeguard them, but to enhance their ability. This is why there are experts saddles solely intended for horses. During contests, they are used by cyclists.

Specialist at your disposal

The purchase of a fresh or used saddle can be an invaluable investment, with the right tips and support to support you. We have an SMS skilled squad of professionals onboard at Equitack, we can assist you and your horse to match, repair, and change and advice that create your model and size the most appropriate to all subjects and to improve your rider's efficiency in and out of the race circle. Riding clothes, clothing and gloves, stirrups, premium leather care, which gives you access to all kinds of gear at an inexpensive price. Whatever your saddle needs may be, our major specialists on the industry are on side to assist. Visit our showroom at Crow Wood Equestrian, right in the core of Lancashire, where you will find hundreds of distinct saddles from some of the major products in the world.

The specificity of used barrel saddles

Barrel racing saddles are specifically intended to provide the greatest feasible opportunity for horse and rider to complete a barrel model as quickly as feasible. Usually, barrel saddles are light, so the horse does not race with additional, excessive weight. Usually the swells are prominent, so the cyclist can hold his feet against them moving around the barrels. The horn is tiny and bent forward, allowing the rider to maintain and use the sharp bends as a balance help. Some used barrel saddles for salehave a greater cantle that allows the rider sit in the quick bends and quick sprints more safely. Barrel saddles typically have harsh jockeys and fenders along those rows to assist maintain the rider in the seat balanced. The barrel saddle is intended to assist the rider remain safe in the saddle, as you likely imagined, and provides them assistance in maintaining equilibrium during a ride.

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