The ultimate guide to buy a french saddle

An essential part of your horse's riding equipment is the direct link between you and your horse. Also, it is essential for you to have fun, but also to progress in your practice. The site advises you on the different types of French saddles, because it is above all according to your level and the discipline to which you enjoy giving yourself, that you will have to choose. Let yourself be guided by the site that will lead you to ask the right questions to choose your used french saddles.

The best French saddles

The fame of French saddles is no longer to prove. Our French saddles can fill as well the professionals, the beginners, the amateurs of the leisure hike, the ethological riders ... All those who live, at their rhythm, their equestrian practice. You will find in this site a large selection of new or used saddles from leading French horse riding brands. French used saddles on sale on this site are all checked by our workshop, and refitted if necessary. If you are interested in one of the stools and want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ideal to combine business with pleasure

Our saddles are made of natural leathers, full of flowers, coming from French, Italian and English tanneries which each one represents its excellence. A prerequisite, which gives our saddles this ability to improve and thus prolong the pleasure of riding. The site advises both recreational riders and competition riders (all disciplines) concerned about their well-being and that of their horse. Its wide choice and privileged contacts with quality partners allow it to offer you the ideal used saddle. It will help you choose the best used French saddle for obstacle, training, cross country or endurance. Our used saddles have all been checked and reconditioned in our workshop before their sale on the site of used saddles. Ask for advice and try them!

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