Exercice for your horse after a summer in pastures !

During the summer holidays it happens that a horse be stopped several weeks or months. No much muscular and perhaps thinner (or rather, overweight!), Your horse is probably not in a very good condition. Put a horse to work must be done very gradually, no way to return to the show grounds from the first week or chaining intensive sessions!
The rehabilitation of a horse through an appropriate diet (very important) and a progressive work.

The horse naturally return to its original state (weight and musculature) if you follow a properly prepared program.

Before you begin : the healthy balance!

Before you even begin the return to work, it is highly advisable (or even imperative if your horse has been stopped for a long time) to call on health professionals. In particular, the veterinarian. Ask him to make a small health check of your horse. He may also offer you a suitable diet or advise you to appeal to other professionals, as appropriate: osteopath, dentist and / or farrier. It's only after you're sure that your equine is physically ready to resume the work you can attack restarting.

What pace of work?

The pace of work is to adapt according to your availability and the overall health of your horse. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to make only short sessions initially, and preferably spaced a day off. Work your horse on four days to allow the meadow 3 days after, is obviously not ideal ... If your schedule does not allow for the work every other day, think about the difficulty juggling sessions to balance week: a "big" meeting should be followed by a very light session, preferably consisting of stretching and other exercises of "stretching" to muscle your horse gently avoiding it unpleasant and painful aches.

Some exercices for your horse See here with !

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