Equitack : Great brands, real quality and best prices !

Do you want prestige on your horse? Do you want to equip yourself with quality materials? You want to have reassurance when you ride on the back of a horse? You are in the right place. Here you will be sure to find what you want for your pet.

Quality and reliability

Riding a horse is not as charming as it sounds. First we must think about the safety of the rider. High security requires increased quality of the equipment used. And that says quality implies "big brands". Indeed, renowned brands have established great reliability among users. If you are looking for a branded saddle, do not forget Equitack. Behind the scenes of the company Equitack are several experts in the equestrian world. These professionals work for the renovation of used saddle in particular. These saddles, however, all come from renowned brands in their fabrications. In addition, its professionals work in a specialized workshop for the restoration of used saddles. Is not this a good guarantee of their service coming from them?

The benefits on the site

Equitack has as website. This is to make it easier for you when you are in need of new equipment, such as a new saddle. You will discover a large inventory of equipment for riding. Horse and rider will find their paradise. These equipments are all brands. You will then have several choices with the best possible rates on the market. The saddles sold on the site are all of outstanding quality. They have all undergone a full renovation. With this you will have the privilege of having the best advice from the professionals of the company. You will find the best value for money that fits your budget. The site offers several payment solutions. This goes with the delivery of your product. Apart from that, the company offers a seven-day trial period to ensure the best possible satisfaction. Finally, the site includes a blog that will allow you to communicate with all assets of the site.

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