Describing the shape of your horse

The shape of the horse is an important notion in riding. From this morphology depends on the good practice of horse riding and in particular the choice of the saddle. Indeed, the morphology of the horse says a lot about its character, its abilities, its weak points and its strong points.

Which morphology for which equestrian sport?

The morphology of a horse determines its ability to practice a given equestrian sport. Not all horses can practice the same equestrian sports. They will excel in certain areas and will be pitiful in other equestrian disciplines. That is why it is absolutely necessary to take into account the shape of the horse for the continuation of the riding practice.

The horse’s body can be divided into three parts: the forehand, body and hindquarters. Each of the parts allows to know which types of disciplines would be best adapted to the morphology of the horse. For example, the shape of the horse’s body, its length … can help determine which saddle would be best suited to the horse’s morphology. In addition, the shape and size of the withers are also parameters to be taken into account.

How to Choose a Saddle According to the shape of your horse

It never seems to be enough, a good saddle is a saddle that adapts perfectly to your pet’s morphology. Indeed, a perfect saddle for your horse’s back will allow him to perform his movements without the slightest hindrance and to avoid injuries. On the other hand, the same saddle must also be adapted to the rider to ensure maximum comfort during the practice of his sport.

When choosing a saddle, it is best to try it directly on the horse. In fact, most saddlers offer a trial period to see if a saddle like fine used saddles is suitable for your horse. If you are looking for quality saddles at competitive prices, you can visit this site to learn more. You will find used saddles of all sizes and brands.

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