Choose the right saddle size !

A good saddle is one that is adequate for your horse. And to find a perfect saddle for his horse, you have to find the saddle with the right size. By the way, fine used saddles can do the trick and allow you to save money. We tell you more about how to choose the right saddle for you and your equine.

What type of equestrian discipline do you practice?

Before you go to a shop, on the internet or at a saddler, you must first know what type of sport you will be practicing. Indeed, to each equestrian discipline corresponds a type of saddle. This is how stools for show jumping, dressage saddles, endurance saddles, etc. are found on the market. However, there are also so-called multi-purpose saddles on the market which can be used for the practice of several equestrian sports.

How to determine the size of his saddle?

Once the discipline is known, you will find the saddle of the right size for your horse. In general, the size of a saddle is expressed in inches. This is how you will find stools of 14 inches, 15 inches, 17 inches, etc. The size of the saddle goes from the withers of the horse to the rump. The saddle must therefore occupy this space while not hampering the movements of the horse. Additionally, adults (adults) of medium size (about 1m75) revolve around 17 or 17.5 inches while tall people tend to take larger saddles, 18 inches and over.

Try several stools before you decide

Even knowing the size of the saddle, it is important or even obligatory to try the saddle on the horse. Indeed, it is only by making movements that you will know if the saddle does not hinder your movements, or those of the horse. Many saddlers allow you to try a saddle a few days before you decide. In addition, you can try several stools of the same size to choose the one that best suits you whether it is functionally speaking or aesthetically speaking.

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