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In riding, for the comfort of the horse and the rider, the saddle must correspond not only to the morphology of the rider and his horse, but also to the discipline practiced. The choice of the ideal saddle is therefore very important. Choosing your riding saddle is an important time for you and your horse. The online site, has selected for you a complete range of saddle brand riding, discover it!

Different models of riding saddles

The site selects for you different models of riding saddles. Discover the various sold on the site as Bates Australia which is driven by a philosophy of real innovation centered on the performance of its saddles for the horse / rider couple. "Devoucoux", "Hennig", "Hermès", "Schleese" or "Antares" has unbeatable prices. Saddle horse, pony saddle, multipurpose saddle, saddle of obstacle and shingles, saddle of dressage. The site offers riding saddles for comfortable and safe practice of your sport! And always at the best price. Ensure your comfort and safety by choosing the best saddle brands on the site: adopt a riding saddle quality corresponding to your mount, your body and the discipline you practice.

Quality brands

The site presents its range of riding saddles that will be perfect for your horse, pony or Shetland. These saddles can be mixed, dressage, obstacle, western and hiking. It also offers saddle kits, saddle pads and accessories such as calipers, straps, etc. The online site starts off its range of riding saddles with first prizes (cheap saddles) and ends with JMRPRO riding saddles designed for and by horse riding professionals. The riding saddles proposed on the site guarantee the comfort of the horse and the rider. They choose above all the quality in the saddles they offer: saddle dressage, obstacle saddles, mixed saddles, saddles for hiking and endurance. The site works closely with major brands to help you get the best expertise of saddle fitter.

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