A Jacuzzi in a veranda

Some people hesitate in choosing between an indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, they cannot find a compromise between the two. It is to solve this embarrassment of choice that manufacturers have released veranda hot tubs in jacuzzi stores, so that consumers can enjoy both the benefits of outdoor and indoor hot tubs.

Why a veranda for the jacuzzi?

The veranda is a friendly and ecological place to install its jacuzzi, that is to say: it is not only a shelter already made for the jacuzzi, but also a real living room in the house. A jacuzzi can therefore take advantage of the heat given off depending on its location in the veranda, whether it is installed against one of the walls of the house depending on its shape and size or if the veranda has already been specially designed for a bathtub. bubble.

The veranda is also an ideal place to take advantage of the light and the superb view of your garden while being sheltered regardless of the variation in temperature.

Install a jacuzzi in a veranda

The installation of a jacuzzi in a veranda requires the prior knowledge of certain characteristics for its success, namely:

- Reinforce the veranda floor well so that it can withstand the weight of the jacuzzi when it is full and when it weighs almost two tons.
- Well equip the veranda with a good source of water supply to easily fill the jacuzzi, without forgetting the duct for the evacuation of the used euax when the need to empty the jacuzzi arrives.
- Ventilate and ventilate the veranda well so that condensation does not form on the windows, since the jacuzzi is an element releasing more steam.

A jacuzzi can be used all year round if a veranda in which it is placed is heated regularly, this will also protect you from thermal shocks when you take the water out of the jacuzzi. However, do not forget to install visual protection, because good relaxation must always be protected from prying eyes, for example choose a tarpaulin or a screen.

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