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Our site is dedicated exclusively for horses. We are talking here only about the horse world. If you wanted to learn more about these animals, you will certainly find information that will interest you here. We also have a blog in which we share our knowledge, the fruits of our research and news about the world of horses. We update our content from time to time to satisfy you.

What you will find on our site?

Do you like horses? You want to have some but you do not know yet how to take care of it? We will help you. Through the contents of our site, you will better know the world of horses. You will learn a little more about their origins, their breeds, the accessories that we use before mounting etc. We also give tips and tricks to take care of your pet, enjoy your pet and make your pet look better and more beautiful. We will talk about their food, how to choose their equipment, how to tame them and many other topics.

Whether you are riding horses, draft horses or ponies, we always give you information that can help you.

Our category news

In addition, we have news about horse racing here. If you are interested in horse racing, you will be served. We update news about regional, national and international competitions. We give all the information concerning these races: dates, places where they will take place, hours, participants, lengths of the tracks, types of races, types of tracks etc. Afterwards, we also deliver the results at the end of each important competition. We also give you the names of the most successful riders and the names of their horses. If you play racing games, our information will be really useful. They will bring you more knowledge about horses and their owners. They will help you to better distinguish the numbers to take. We will help you refine your choice.

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